Curran emerges as a sublime choreographer, creating complexly musical phrases for a company that literally rises to meet his expectations.

Elizabeth Zimmer
The Village Voice


  Village Voice

  Boston Globe

  LA Times

  The New York Times

  DanceBeat, Arts Journal


"There's no fresher, more invigorating new American dance now than the choreography of Sean Curran." The Los Angeles Times

"When I see something good that reminds me what dancing can be at its most basic, I'm faint with pleasure." The Village Voice

"Curran approaches dance making with the sharp intelligence of a conceptualist and the raw physicality of an athlete." The Boston Globe

"Sonata (We Are What We Were) essentially sweeps everything along in a flow of lush movement. It's a mystery how Curran manages to suggest so much. But he does!...[Sonata] may well become a signature work for Mr. Curran." The New York Times

"It was impossible not to be wowed by Curran and the members of his company." The Denver Post

"A Master of form." Dance Magazine

"A breathtaking tour de force" The New York Times

"Time spent with Sean Curran, his choreography and his dancers is usually the dance equivalent of a night of invigorating conversation. Over his long and reflective career, Mr. Curran has learned how to share his ideas with audiences rather than bombard them with cerebral constructs. He has also developed a feel for movement and music that is comfortable with letting both be as finicky or as lush as required." The New York Times

"Curran knows how to keep his young audiences gurgling with delight at the New Victory Theater." The New York Times

"Adults and children alike respond to the meticulously structured and contagiously high-spirited dances Curran showed at the New Victory." The Village Voice


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